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 Week beginning 12th October

  This week we are looking at the long a sound when it is spelled with 'ey'. The children did extremely well with this sound when we looked at the word they, with every child in the class spelling this word correctly when we learned it and in their writing since then. 

  The words they will be learning this week are:

hey, obey, grey, disobey, prey, whey, survey, convey and purvey. 

  We will be discussing the meaning of these words as well as the spelling as there are some words the children are likely to be unfamiliar with. 

 Week of 28th September 2020

  This week's spellings are: thought, caught, mist, missed, scene and seen. We talked about the past tense and homophones today when we learned these spellings. We noticed the similarities and differences in the spellings of the words, especially the homophones.


  Mrs Jago/ Mrs Snelling's spelling group looked at the words: turn, turned, said, saw and just.


  We will be writing these words in sentences on Friday morning.


  The class did an amazing job with the spellings that we looked at last week!

Week of 5th October 2020

  This week we are looking at spellings including the 'eigh' or 'ei' sounds. Some of these the class looked at together a couple of weeks ago and some are new spellings. The class will practice these spellings in school but please encourage your children to try to learn them at home as well. 

  The class spellings this week are: eighty, eighth, neighbour, sleigh, freight, veil and beige. 

  Mrs Jago/ Mrs Snelling's group's spellings are: some, when was, one and put. 

  If you or your child is unsure of what group they are in please do email the class email or ask your child to check with me. Thank you.

  Miss Tucker