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  Week beginning 14th December

  This week we will continue to look at the Key Keats section of Sir Linkalot in class. We inofrmally checked 8 of these spellings at the start of last week and then checked the same 8 at the end of the week. Many of the chidlren had improved their score across the week. The children have really enjoyed using this in class and many have mentioned how much they have enjoyed using the app at home as well. 

  We will not be having a spelling check this week as it is the final week of term. 

 Week beginning 7th December

  This week we will be beginning to use our new and exciting spelling programme, Sir Linkalot. There is a link on the Class Pages and the Year 3 page to learn more about this programme. We have watched a video about this programme together in class and will begin to use this programme on Monday. 

  A link will be sent to you with login details to access at home, please explore the site and let us know what you think. 

  We will continue to look at spelling rules in school alongside this programme, looking at the different rules based on when they fit in best with our learning. 

  This week we will be looking at the Key Keats page, focussing on the first eight words. We watched these videos today and the children really enjoyed their learning. The two class favourites this week were the door and floor video and the field video. Please do have a look at the site and explore all it has to offer.

Week beginning 30th November

  This week we will be learning to spell words with the suffic -ly where the root word ends in a y and has more than one syllable. 

  For these words the y is removed and an i is added before the ly is added. 

  We will look at how these words are made, what they mean and ways we can remember them in class. Please do try to find some time to practise these at home.

  This week's words are:

 happily, angrily, lazily, easily, busily, greedily, messily, wearily, cheekily and clumsily. 


Week beginning 23rd November

  Unfortunately we have been unable to start the new spelling programme this week. It will be up and running soon, please bear with us as we take the time to ensure that we begin it in the best possible way.

  For the time being we will continue with the spelling programme we have been using in class. 

  This week we are looking a making adverbs adding the suffix -ly, when the root word does not change. We discussed what adverbs are, what suffixes are and then put the words into sentences.

  This week's words are:

  kindly, quickly, safely, rudely, sweetly, strongly, bravely, secretly, finally and usually.


Week beginning 16th November 2020

  This week we are going to continue looking at homophones and near homophones. These words are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. We will talk about strategies we can use to help us rememer how to spell the different words. You could practice using these words in sentences, draw pictures or calligrams (words that look like the word itself) to help you remember the words. There is an example of a calligram below.

  This week's words are:

berry   bury

meet   meat

ball     bawl

fair      fare

brake  break (break is on the Year 2 common exception list and the Year 3 homophone list so we will look at it again this week with it's pair)

From the Year 2 common exception words we look at the word:


Week beginning 9th November

  This week we will be looking at homophones and near homophones, word that sound the same but are spelled differently with different meanings. These words have mostly been taken from the Year 3 curriculum but we have also added in a word from the Year 2 curriculum. In order to support the children in catching up from the learning they may have missed last year we will be looking at specific words from the common exception list for Year 2 alongside our learning of our Year 3 curriculum words.

  I have uploaded the Common exception word lists for Year 2 as well as the Year 3 and 4 list above for your reference. Please note the words we are learning may come from the common exception lists or the spellings rules laid out in the National Curriculum. 

  This week's spellings are: 

 here and hear

 heel and heal

 main and mane

 mail and male

 knot and not

 and break

  In our spelling session today we spoke about some ways we can remember how to spell these words. You may wish to draw pictures, act out the words or write sentences to help you practice. 

Week beginning 2nd November 2020

  This week we will be looking at the /ur/ sound spelled with 'ear'. We will write these words into sentences on Friday. 

  Please do practice these at home. You could write your own sensible or silly sentences, draw pictures to help you remember them or perhaps try a spelling scribble like the one below.

 This week's words are: earth, early, learn, heard, earn, pearl, search, unearth, earl and rehearse.


 Week beginning 12th October

  This week we are looking at the long a sound when it is spelled with 'ey'. The children did extremely well with this sound when we looked at the word they, with every child in the class spelling this word correctly when we learned it and in their writing since then. 

  The words they will be learning this week are:

hey, obey, grey, disobey, prey, whey, survey, convey and purvey. 

  We will be discussing the meaning of these words as well as the spelling as there are some words the children are likely to be unfamiliar with. 

 Week of 28th September 2020

  This week's spellings are: thought, caught, mist, missed, scene and seen. We talked about the past tense and homophones today when we learned these spellings. We noticed the similarities and differences in the spellings of the words, especially the homophones.


  Mrs Jago/ Mrs Snelling's spelling group looked at the words: turn, turned, said, saw and just.


  We will be writing these words in sentences on Friday morning.


  The class did an amazing job with the spellings that we looked at last week!

Week of 5th October 2020

  This week we are looking at spellings including the 'eigh' or 'ei' sounds. Some of these the class looked at together a couple of weeks ago and some are new spellings. The class will practice these spellings in school but please encourage your children to try to learn them at home as well. 

  The class spellings this week are: eighty, eighth, neighbour, sleigh, freight, veil and beige. 

  Mrs Jago/ Mrs Snelling's group's spellings are: some, when was, one and put. 

  If you or your child is unsure of what group they are in please do email the class email or ask your child to check with me. Thank you.

  Miss Tucker