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Spellings - Term 2

From now on, we will try having 8 spellings per week.  There will be an extra 2 words taken from Sir Linkalot and we will start off with the section entitled Key Keats 1.

NB.  I will review this next term and it may be that 8 spellings are too many; we will see and I'll adapt according to the needs of the class.


Spellings Term 2 Week 6  11.12.20

To be checked:

Friday 18th December

Year 2 Spelling Rule:

Adding -es to verbs and nouns ending in y

(change the y to an i and add -es)

  • flies  (fly)
  • replies  (reply)
  • tries  (try)
  • cries (cry)


Common Exception Words:

  • every
  • everybody


Sir Linkalot Spellings:

  • air
  • busy

NOTE: These spellings are not related to SirLinkalot - I will introduce properly next week.

Spellings Term 2, Week 5 (4.12.20)

To be checked: Friday 11th December 

Year 2 Spelling Rule: The /igh/sound spelt with ‘y’

  • try
  • why
  • July – note CL!
  • multiply 


Common Exception Words:

  • hold
  • told

Spellings Term 2 Week 4 (27.11.20)

To be checked:  Friday 4th December


Year 2 Spelling Rule:

The /l/ sound spelt with _il and _al

  • pencil
  • pupil
  • animal
  • oval


Common Exception Words:

  • cold
  • gold

Spellings Term 2 Week 3 (20.11.20)

To be checked: Friday 27th November


Year 2 Spelling Rule:

The sound /l/ spelt with ‘el’

  • travel
  • camel
  • tunnel
  • barrel

Common Exception Words:

  • behind
  • old

Spellings for 13.11.20

To be checked: 20.11.20

Year 2 Spelling Rule:

The sound /l/ spelt with ‘le’

  1. table
  2. bottle
  3. little
  4. middle


Common Exception Words:

  1. find
  2. mind

Spellings Term 2, Week 1 (6.11.20)

To be checked:  Friday 13th November

Year 2 Spelling Rule:

The sound /j/ spelt with ‘g’ and ‘j’

  1. giant
  2. magic
  3. jacket
  4. join


Common Exception Words:

  1. only
  2. both

Organisation of Spellings in Year 2

Spellings will be uploaded each Friday and I will also teach that week’s spellings to the children in class.

The National Curriculum lists a set of spelling rules/patterns which children in Year 2 must learn.  

Thus, some of the weekly spellings will be based upon these rules.  As well as this, the children will be learning to spell 2 words per week from the Year 2 ‘Common Exception Words’ List. These words are displayed in class and the children will be familiar with them through our Spellings lessons.


Children will be tested on Fridays.  We will send home Spellings Books at the end of each term for you to have a look at.  The spellings will be marked weekly and we will let the children know how they did on a 1:1 basis.  

Please remember to make learning spellings fun – little and often is best! Thank you for your support.

Mrs Kelleher


Nb. If your child is finding the spellings too tricky, then we will adapt them accordingly to meet their needs. Thank you.

Spellings Week 4 16.10.20

To be checked: Thursday 22nd October (note, NOT FRIDAY DUE TO INSET)

Year 2 Spelling Rule:

The sound /j/ spelt with

 ‘-dge’ and ‘-ge’

at the end of words


  1. edge
  2. bridge
  3. huge
  4. change


Common Exception Words:

  1. parents
  2. most




Spellings Week 3 (9.10.20)

To be checked:  Friday 16th October

Year 2 Spelling Rule:

The sound /s/ spelt ‘c’

 before e, i and y

  1. race
  2. cycle
  3. city
  4. circle

Common Exception Words:

  1. children
  2. climb

Spellings Week 2   2.10.20

To be checked:  Friday 9th October

Year 2 Spelling Rule:

The sound /r/ spelt ‘wr’ at the beginning of words

  1. write
  2. wrong
  3. wrote
  4. wreck


Common Exception Words:

  1. again
  2. wild



Spellings Week 1


To be checked:

Friday 2nd October


Year 2 Spelling Rule:

The sound /n/ spelt

kn’ and ‘gn’ at the

beginning of words


  1. know
  2. knee
  3. knew
  4. gnaw


Common Exception Words: