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La Ropa reminder

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I hope you have all had a good week. I don't know  about you but the weeks are going very fast for me! This is our last week of our clothes vocabulary topic, so this week we are going to add some describing words to explain more about the clothes we wear.



REMINDER  - In Spanish, we add the adjective (describing word) after the noun (subject/object)



La falda azul - The blue skirt


Los pantalones verdes - the green trousers




Look at this powerpoint to help first of all:


ACTIVITY: Now add the colours to the clothes activity that you drew out last week - your uniform and your favourite outfit. Remember the adjective (colour) needs to match the item. E.g 


La falda roja

Los zapatos negros

El jersey blanco

If you are able to send a photo of your work I would love to see it! Send it to with Mrs Taylor in the subject line XX
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Below is an extra alphabet and number lesson from The Oak Academy if you have time... there are lots of useful reminders on there so you could have a look around the Year 4 Spanish page XX