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I hope you enjoyed last week's drawing flowers clip in Spanish. 


This week, as your science is all about plants needing LIGHT/THE SUN to grow, I have found a lovely yoga para niños - yoga for children for you to try. Do it a few times if you can to get the hang of the movements and the breathing. :-)


The clip is called - El saludo al sol -  Salute to the SUN. 

Picture 1

I love doing this exercise, as the stretches make me feel awake and happy. 


Key words from this clip to listen out for:

El sol - sun

Energía - energy

Las manos - hands

El corazón  - heart

Respira - breathe.

La postura de perro - dog pose.


It is really important to breathe deeply throughout, listen out for the cobra, who helps with that deep breathing!

EL SALUDO AL SOL | Yoga para niƱos

Picture 1