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¡Buenos días!

Home Learning

Week of 23rd March 


Can you find out about the Spanish flag - what colours will you need to colour the colouring sheet below?


This link may be helpful:

  • You can make your own Spanish flag - use paint, coloured paper or whatever you can find. You could even use "paint" on the computer. 



Spanish Flag

Picture 1

Term 4:


This term we are continuing to have fun with singing and stories in Spanish. We have linked our new learning to the class transport topic and have introduced some simple vocabulary this week for transport.


Un coche - a car

Un autobús - a bus

Un tren - a train

Un barco - a boat


The class enjoyed "That's not my car" in Spanish - "Este no es mi coche".

El transporte - Transport

Means of Transport, coche (car), bicicleta (bicycle), globo aerostatico (hot air balloon), camion (lorry), barco (boat), autobus (bus), avión (plane), tren (...

Term 3:


We are reading and doing activities based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish. La Oruga Muy Hambrienta. 


We have learnt some new words in Spanish. 


Our focus is La fruta, fruit.


Las naranjas - oranges

Las fresas - strawberries

Las manzanas - apples



La oruga muy hambrienta - The Very Hungry Caterpillar