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Picture 1

Spanish Song For Children - "Hola Hola"

Picture 1

Have fun with this Spanish playground rhyme - Chocolate in Spanish  - it means chocolate, very apt with Easter just around the corner!


Start slowly and speed it up as you get used to the hand clapping and saying the words!

Playground rhyme - CHOCOLATE...¿Cómo jugar al "Choco-lala"?

Canta Juego - Chocolate

The story below is all about the easter bunny hiding his Easter eggs.


El conejito de pascua - The Easter Bunny


Los huevos - eggs


Listen out for the colour words and numbers


verde - green

amarillo - yellow 

azul - blue

rosa - pink



The Easter Bunny - El conejo de Pascua



More games and activities to practice your Spanish here...


Picture 1