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Count to 100 in tens

¿Cómo estás? - How are you?

Home Learning 

23rd March

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Term 4


This term we had planned to write stories for younger children in school.


This may prove a little tricky via home learning but over the next week or so I will try and see if I can find a virtual tool to teach you a little more directly (Mr Adkins has said he can point me in the right direction!) so that you can still write your stories at home... bare with me!! 


In the mean time please use the links on this page to revise your Spanish




Term 3


In Term 3 we have explored some of the poetry by Gloria Fuertes. 


We wrote our own "Si and no" 'Yes and no' poems. It was lovely to read all of the things that children were passionate about



Si a la amistad - Yes to friendship

No a la hambre - No to hunger

Si al medio ambiente - Yes to the environment


We also translated "Como se dibuja un paisaje" - "How to Draw a Landscape":


Gloria Fuertes - Dibujar un paisaje (Música de Andrés Meseguer)

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