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This term, we are moving on to our final topic: States of Matter.


A material may be in one of three states: solid, liquid or gas.


Have a read through the BBC Bitesize page below to see how we determine whether a material is a solid, liquid or gas.


Complete the game and quiz at the bottom of the page.

We can explain the differences between solids, liquids and gases by knowing what they are made of.


Scientists have found out that all materials are made of very tiny particles. These particles are so small that we cannot see them with our eyes, or even with a microscope!

The position and behaviour of the particles is different in solids, liquids and gases.


Click the link below to see how these particles interact with each other. Then, complete the activity below.


Can you work out which diagram and explanations go with each state?

FUN ACTIVITY: Ask a member of your household to help you demonstrate the differences between how the particles behave and interact in each state - pretend to be solid, liquid and then gas particles!

Finally, watch the video by following the link below. See which materials you can spot, and which states of matter they are.