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Monday Morning Update

It's snowing ! It wasn't when I set this ! However like I always say to you ..'no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothing !' So if you can get outside for 5 mins (that's all this takes) please do so. (but don't lay down or sit!) The air is fresh and crisp and there is plenty to listen to and to look at. Look closely at snow or ice, listen to the snow crunching under your feet! I've just done it ... it's amazing ! 

Or ..... do this later in the week when its a little warmer.

Good morning and welcome to this morning's PSHE! It's a little bit different this morning as it is in two parts.

Part one is encouraging you to GET OUTSIDE! I've asked if possible for you to do this twice during the week.

Part two is watching the short film ( 5 mins) and summarising it (did you see how I managed to get a bit of comprehension work in there?) I want you to look at the behaviour within the video and how you may react to that behaviour.

Please complete the answer sheet and return to me with the subject heading: MRS FULTON GET OUTSIDE  . I will be giving feed back on this piece of work. 

[HD] Pixar - For The Birds | Original Movie from Pixar