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Remote Learning Gallery Term 3

A has been doing fabulous Maths work with raisins and doing super handwriting too!

P did some brilliant writing and made a fabulous bridge.

D made a great bridge and then helped free his toys that had been frozen in ice.

Super lego building from E!

Super home learning from L!

Super puppets A!

Amazing Letters and Sounds work F!

Some amazing handwriting from P; keep up the great work!

S has done some amazing handwriting this week!

G has had lots of fun this week!

Super home learning D!

N has done some wonderful maths work!

L has made an amazing goat!

Gerty the goat made by O!

Great home learning from L this week!

Super Billy Goat Gruff work from H!

S has been working hard on her handwriting.

I is loving playing NUMBOTS and has done some great handwriting and drawing.

O has been practicing his handwriting and has made a fabulous story map

F used her Frozen dolls to explain which numbers were hiding.

We love your troll face and story map C and we are glad you had a lovely birthday!

Great Maths work today from A.

Wonderful handwriting D and great sorting of the tricky words!

Such a great story path s!

A great story path E. It looks like you've had lots of fun!

Great home learning A!

A great story path from I!

Fantastic home learning from S this week!

Look at these amazing puppets L made!

Brilliant puppets L and N!

Super story path S!

Super home learning this week from F!

Fantastic home learning B!

Super story path from C and a Red Riding Hood puppet show!

A new puppy and fantastic lego building from H today!

Wonderful story map E and brilliant handwriting.

Amazing work P. We love your chalking on the pavement.

Fantastic path for Red Riding Hood from O today. Super Maths work too!

We love your ch pictures D and fabulous domino work too.

F used spots and ladybirds to find ways to make 6- great work!

C has been working hard. We love your handwriting!

Well done L; super home learning!

Fantastic handwriting and maths N!

Lots of super home learning from F!

Super maths and handwriting C!

Well done A. A great sign for all your friends to read!

A busy birthday week for L.

Super writing and vegetable printing from C!

Well done E! Fantastic work this week.

Fantastic shape work from I today.

E has been on a shape hunt and done some excellent printing and patterning in polenta.

Wonderful repeating shape work S.

Brilliant practical work from L. Lovely to see you cooking.

Hola! Fabulous Spanish flag C.

Great deep thinking on your shape work F and we love the face on your pepper.

S enjoyed her qu words matching game - well done!

C has had a very productive day - Maths, handwriting and qu words!

Beautiful handwriting O!

C has been practicing her writing and learning lots of qu words.

Wonderful handwriting, qu work and Maths from D. You have been working hard, keep up the good work.

Fabulous handwriting from F today - well done. We love how you have made a school with your furry friends.

Delicious porridge made by L this week for the three bears!

W has been very busy at home this week. Well done!

Super work from E this week. Well done!

Another busy week of home learning for S!

Super home learning from P this week!

Fantastic maths and phonics work A!

What a great idea to make a really big story map to go on the wall. Well done S!

Super home learning from L this week. Look at your amazing write dance ribbon!

I has had a super week learning all about Goldilocks and the three bears!

C enjoyed playing the phonics games with Obb and Bob!

Some great Maths and Topic work from F today!

A fantastic story map and a first visit from the tooth fairy for P!

Amazing Story map D!

Super counting out 9 objects A!

Super writing and drawing from G. Well done!

We love your labels D and super Maths work too. Great work today.

Brilliant writing on your story map Bea, well done!

A fabulous story map and some great Maths work S! Keep up the good work.

Great Spanish and number work from F and we love your hat you have made.

Two fabulous story maps Emmie - you are working so hard!

Superb story telling from N using his own story map.

Excellent retelling of the story from L using brilliant story language.

Wonderful story map H, very detailed pictures.

Amazing Maths work and story maps from C today! Keep up the good work.

Smiling face showing she has enjoyed her work today! Great job C.

Lovely joined up name writing O! Fabulous Maths and story map too.

Well done P! We love your bears and your labels.

We love that you have given all of your bears some porridge A!

F has worded very hard today and done some amazing reading and writing. We love that you look so happy F!

C has made some lovely labels for her bears. We love the neat writing C!

Great counting, reading and storytelling work from D today.

Amazingly neat patterning from H today. Love the different colours too!