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Remote Learning Term 3 (January - 12 February)

This Week`s Learning 
Completed Learning
Last two weeks of Term 2
Listed below are the activities we are doing in class for the last couple of weeks of term. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on the class email. Right at the bottom are some links to brilliant websites to support our learning.

In Literacy we are focusing on reading three letter words by sounding them out in a robot voice. Have a go at the activities below to support this. 


Please also continue to learn the initial sounds. Have a look at the initial sound mat document below. These are all the sounds we have covered in class so far. How many do you know?


The tricky words sheets we sent home a few weeks ago are also listed below. Start on tricky words mat 1 and then when your child is confident move onto mat 2 and then mat 3. We have covered the words on tricky words mat 1 in class so far so PLEASE  do not think we are expecting you to know them all on mat 2 and mat 3!  We would love you to know the words on mat 1 by sight.

Can you read the words and then match the words to the correct picture?

Tricky words really help your fluency in reading. Try to read them by sight and not by sounding them out.

In Maths we are focusing on ways to make 5. We will be using objects to show that we can make 5 in a variety of ways e.g. if I have apples I could show it in a variety of ways. i could have 4 and 1 or 3 and 2 or 5 and 0.  

We are also learning about time by sequencing events in chronological order using language. Can your child tell you what happened in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. We will also be learning how to tell the time (O`clock)


Have a go at the activities below to support you with these concepts

Can you find ways to make 5?

Can you put the pictures in the right order on the grid to order your day?

Can you fill in the times on this sheet?

Here is a Christmas challenge for you to do.


from Mrs Stembridge, Miss Nutt and Miss Silcox xxx

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