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  Have a look at the links and videos below. Can you make a poster to advertise a holiday to the River Ganges? Think about what you could say to persuade a Hindu to travel there and to persuade a non- Hindu to travel there too.

  Here is an extract of an article from Lonely planet about the Holy city of Varanasi on the River Ganges:

  Holy Varanasi

Life, death and all things in-between play out in vivid colour in Varanasi, India's most sacred city. Like the sacred Ganges that traces its eastern edge, centuries of ritual and tradition flow over Varanasi's riverside ghats, where holy men fill the air with incense, pilgrims bathe in a vast human tide, and devout Hindus pass into the life hereafter on funeral pyres. To be here is to witness India at its most open, so step into the dizzying spiritual whirlwind and get carried away by Varanasi's kaleidoscope of colours.

Tours to India - Travel to River Ganges, Varanasi

Out of the 7 holy places in India, Varanasi is among the oldest inhabited cities in the world that is also regarded as the most sacred pilgrimage for Hindus....

India's 'City of Light' - Lonely Planet travel videos

Lonely Planet Traveller magazine photographer Mark Read captured the unique atmosphere of Varanasi, the ancient Indian city on the banks of the holy River Ga...