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 Have a look at the PowerPoint below. Remember that there are different places of worship for different religions. Can you remember which religion each place of worship belongs to? Have you ever been to one of these places of worship?

  This week and next week we are going to think about some reasons why Christians might go to Church.

Watch the videos and have a think about the questions. You can write your answers down if you would like.


  Why do you think some people get their babies baptised?

  Why do you think some people choose to get baptised when they are older?

  Why is it important for Christians to be baptised in a church?

  Does this show they are Christians?

Eucharist/Holy Communion

   Christians choose to have a special meal (it isn’t really a meal, it is just a reminder of a meal) to do just what Jesus did; break bread to remember his body (death), and drink juice/wine to remember his blood.

  At the end of the Lord’s Supper Christians have remembered that Jesus died for them and forgave them and loves them.

  Often, and in the clip below Communion happens in church. But, just as easily it can happen with a group of Christians who love Jesus and just want to thank him for giving his life for them.

  So is it important for Christians to celebrate Communion in church?      Do Christians need to do this to show they are Christians?

Where else could Christians celebrate Communion?