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  This week we are going to think some more about Brahman and the Hindu gods. The three main gods in Hinduism are called the tri-murti and they are:

Brahma – the creator

Vishnu – the preserver

Shiva – the destroyer.

Have a think about why Hindus may pray to each of these gods and why they would think they are important.


  Now have a look at the video below of salt dissolving into water. Once the salt is mixed in you can’t see it, but have you ever tasted salt water? You can taste the salt even if you only take a sip of the water.

  Hindus believe that Brahman is like the salt and the world is like the water – They believe that Brahman is omnipresent (everywhere) in the world but is invisible.

  How do you think the idea that Brahman is everywhere would affect you if you were a Hindu? How would it make you feel? Would it affect how you act?

table salt dissolves in water

table salt dissolves in water because it is composed of sodium plus and chlorine minus ions which the water can easily surround.