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Finding healthy ways to express our feelings is super important for our health and wellbeing. If we allow a feeling (like anger) to bubble without expressing it, it can build up so much that it explodes and this may come out in unhealthy or not-very-nice ways, like shouting at someone else for no reason.


Jamie feels worried a lot of the time. Everything seems to worry Jamie. It feels like all the worries in the world are building up into a big pile, sometimes it feels like a wall of worries. Jamie tries not to think about what is happening or the feelings.


*Please help me to give some advice to Jamie*


• What would help Jamie express the feelings?

• What might be stopping Jamie from doing this?

• What might be the consequences of Jamie not expressing the feelings?

• What would most help Jamie in this situation?



Just a quick reminder that it is always important to talk to others about how you are feeling, particularly if you are feeling upset or angry. I am always here to talk to you if you wish too. You can email me, or call me at school whenever you need to.


Miss Constantine xx