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Three things I am grateful for this week are:

  1. Ice cream
  2. An instant hot water machine (to make tea quickly)
  3. Animal mugs (to drink tea out of)

What things are you grateful for this week?

  This week we will focus on days 18, 19, 21 and 24.
  It is always a kind or good thing to remember to say please and thank you and helps us to get extra grateful if we are looking for opportunities to say thank you whenever possible.
   If you aren't near a window perhaps you can see there beautiful things inside or you could count as many beautiful things as you can on a walk.
   There are some ideas for kindness posters in our boredom busters page of you would like to use one of these.
   Try to do say 24 every day if you can, a deep breath of fresh air may be very invigorating and refreshing for you.
    Use these ideas to help you and your family to enjoy this week as much as you can.