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Think of a feeling word. It could be happy, angry, worried, ecstatic...any word you like.

Then, think about the following questions:

  1. If you could explain where in the body someone would experience that feeling, where would it be?
  2. If the feeling had a colour, what colour would it be?
  3. If it had a shape, what shape would it be?
  4. If it had a texture, what texture would it be?
  5. If the feeling were an image or a picture, what would this be?
  6. If the feeling had a sound, what sound would this be?


Try this again with a different feeling word that relates to an entirely different emotion.



Why not also try some mindfulness breathing exercising this week? I find these very soothing when I'm feeling a little stressed.

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids | BREATHING EXERCISE | Guided Meditation for Children