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  This week the things I am grateful for are:

  1. The beautiful flowers my fiancé bought me.
  2. Having ice cream for pudding.
  3. Going for a walk on the beach.

  Have a look at the kindness challenge above. This week we are going to focus on days 5, 6 and 8.

  For number five ‘tell your parent or carer that they are doing a good job,’ can you be specific about something they have done that you really appreciate. It could be something like a delicious dinner, helping you with some work, playing a game with you or anything else.

  For number six, ‘Write a letter to your teacher. Tell them how you are getting on,’ you could handwrite a letter and send a photo through email or write an email.

  For number eight, ‘read someone your favourite story,’ you could read anyone a story, you could read to a parent, sibling, pet or even a cuddly toy.