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We are going to continue with our learning from last week thinking about mental health. This week, we are going to focus again on feelings and emotions, how these change over time and what helps people to feel good. 


We have lots of different feelings all the time and that different things can influence and affect our feelings; our feelings can change quickly and often.


Activity 1: Ziggy’s day


Think about how Ziggy feels at different points of the day and how they could possibly change throughout the day. Why might Ziggy experience different feelings at different times?


Feelings are hugely influenced by, or in response to, things happening.


Activity 2: Moments cards


Sort the cards into piles based on whether the events would give you a good, not so good or neutral feeling, and place the card in groups on their table. Will you give the exact same responses as me? Why/why not? Also, think about which of these things we can control and which we can’t. 


There are some ways we can help to make our days feel better, or to help recover if something happens that doesn’t make us feel good and that this is all part of looking after our feelings and emotions (our mental health).


Activity 3: Sammi’s blog post


What different ways does Sammi suggest people can feel good every day (or better, if something feels not so good)? Do you agree with Sammi's ideas? Have you got any others to suggest?