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We have come to the end of our PSHE topic and will be moving on next term to 'Relationships'. 


For this week, I'd like you to think about this unusual time we are having at the moment. We have now been told by Boris Johnson that we should stay in our homes unless absolutely necessary. It is likely that you, like me, have lots of different feelings about this. This is not a bad thing - it is good to feel a variety of different emotions. What I know for certain is that you are an incredible bunch of kids and you are very resilient. You see the best in situations so I'm sure many of you are already looking towards the light, towards the end, excited to see all of your extended family and friends again!


I would like you to give yourself the opportunity this week to feel some of these emotions and create a word cloud to express these (see my example below). You can do this by hand using lots of different coloured pens and pencils! I have included some meditation music that you might like to play in the background while you do this - I find it quite soothing. I have also posted my example word cloud so you can see how I am feeling too. 

Picture 1

Relax Music for Stud