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Lockdown is in place currently to protect our physical health - to stop us catching Covid-19. However, our mental health is equally as important and as I've said many times, I have found managing my own mental health quite tough during lockdown. It's not as visible, or as simple to cure as some other physical illnesses. But what actually is 'mental health' and how can we spot the signs that someone might be poorly.


Activity 1 - First Thoughts


On a blank piece of A4 paper, write down all the words, feelings and emotions you think are associated with mental health. You might prefer to create a collage using magazine and newspaper cuttings, photographs and other materials..


Activity 2 - Definitions


Which of the following definitions do you think best sums up what we mean when talking about 'mental health'. Can you explain why?


  • Mental health means you are happy all the time.
  • Mental health is about feelings and emotions; knowing how to take care of yourself and cope when things happen to us.
  • Mental health means there is something wrong with a person and they behave strangely.
  • Mental health means that you often feel anxious or depressed.
  • Mental health is like a sliding scale - you can move up and down it feeling better sometimes, and worse other times, just like physical health.


Activity 3 - Signs of Wellbeing


Create a mindmap to brainstorm these four key questions.


  • How do we know if someone feels good in their body (physical health)?
  • How do we know if someone feels good in their mind (mental health)?
  • What clues might suggest that someone does not feel good in their body or mind?
  • Are we always able to tell how someone feels physically or mentally?





Picture 1
Our mental health can be thought of as being on a scale that can move up or down, a bit like a thermometer. Mental health can move anywhere up or down the thermometer, between being healthy or unwell. ANYONE can move along the scale at any time, but there are things that we can do to support us to stay in the healthy and coping areas. Sometimes, we may go in to the struggling or unwell areas. To support us with our mental health, we must put things in place to help us feel better and move out of the struggling or unwell areas.