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   Mrs Fulton has designed a dance challenge for you:

  Create a 1-minute dance of your choice using a piece of music of your choice. Your dance must include a prop (hat, glasses, ball, hoop, chair, ribbon) the prop must be used in the dance.

 Your dances can be sent to Mrs Fulton and the winners will be put on website. Mrs Fulton is looking for dance quality and use of prop and musicality!
Deadline 22nd June (3 weeks project)

  Your challenge for May is the 1km challenge. Can you try to jog 1 km twice a week. Time yourself. if you need to walk at first then do so. Each week see if your speed improves - let me know at the end of May how your time compares to the time at the start of the month! Good Luck!


  You can also continue with Joe Wicks and/ or Cosmic Kids Yoga.