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Learning to write in joined up cursive writing is completely new to all of the children so it will be tricky for them at first. Please don't worry if they are not able to form the letters straight away. We have put a range of practical and written tasks on the website this week, so please feel free to pick and choose the activity that is most appropriate for your child.
In our Write Dance sessions in school, we usually have lots of fun with our ribbons making the letters in the air. Today we are going to make our own ribbons to use at home. You will need a pencil, sellotape and some ribbon, wool, string etc. Cut your ribbon or string to the length you want it to be and tape it to the pencil. Here are some photos of one we've made at home:
Now watch this video to learn how to form our new letter: t.

Use your ribbon to write the t letter in the air. Can you write a tiny letter t and can you write an enormous letter t? Remember to start writing your letter t at the bottom and to make it nice and tall. 


Next have a go at writing the letter t. I found some brown paper and some wax crayons to have a practice with. If you find writing this new letter tricky, ask your grown up to draw lots of t letters on the paper and you can draw over the top of them.