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Previous Home Learning for 6/7/20

Hello from your teachers xxx

Good morning!

How are you all? We can not believe it is already July! We hope you have enjoyed the Pirate theme and that no one had to walk the plank! This week our focus story is The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson. The children should be able to name lots of Julia Donaldson books by now and know that she is a very famous author. I wonder how many Julia Donaldson books you can think of...

We only have a few of you left to phone, so if you haven`t had your phone call yet we will try and get hold of you this week. It is so lovely to have been able to talk to you and to some of the children. They really made us smile!

Mrs Fulton has organised a virtual sports contest for our school to compete in against Boughton School next week. You will be asked to compete in 8 activities and will receive points for each of them. So this week we would like you to practice them at home so we are all up for the challenge! Each challenge is for 30 seconds unless otherwise stated and teachers are included too! The activities include...

Speed bounce


Football dribbling around five cones (marked 1m apart)

Tennis push downs 

Sprints 5 metres 

Standing long jump (scores for 3 attempts)

Chest throw - how far can you throw a football sized ball from a chest pass (scores for 3 attempts) 

Aim and throw - put 5 cones in a row (you can use anything)  3 metres in front of you. Each time you hit one you remove it. How many can you knock down in 5 attempts.

Get Practicing - next week you will receive sheets to record your scores  and explain the point system!​ 


We hope that you have a fantastic week 

Lots of love

Mrs Stembridge, Miss Nutt and Miss Silcox xxx


The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson

Reading and Writing

This week we are going to be working on retelling the story of The Singing Mermaid through making our own puppet show. You'll need a cardboard box and some pens, pencils, scissors, tape and glue. See if you can draw pictures of the different characters from the story and attach to some cardboard sticks. A puppet show gives us lots of opportunities for writing. Can you write your own tickets for your family to come and watch? Can you make your own signs , posters or leaflets? Have a look at the photographs below for some ideas. Be as creative as possible!

Letters and Sounds

This week we are learning  to read the trigraph ure. Watch the video below to learn how to say this sound and read words containing ure. Here are some activities linked to this video:


  • Ask your grown up to say some ure words. Can you write these words down in a list?
  • Can you write a simple sentence using a word containing ure? E.g. The cat had a cure.
  • Make a ure book with a different ure word on each page.

Write Dance

This week we are learning to form the letter y. Watch this video to see how the letter is formed:

For this week's Write Dance activity you will need some squeezy paint in a bottle and a plate. If you don't have any, you can always use your pens, pencils, chalks or brushes with water outside to draw your y letters.

Pour some paint onto a plate and then use your finger or a brush to draw y letters. If you go wrong, just smooth the paint out and have another go. Can you draw lots of tiny y letters? Can you draw some enormous y letters? You could try and write some words in the paint that include the letter y like my, they, may and hay.

Brain Gym

Have fun this week with this mermaid themed Just Dance video!


This week our focus is doubling. Dice are really helpful to understand this concept so find a couple of dice from a game you have at home and throw them together to show what double actually means! Playing dominoes is also a great way to spot doubles! Look at the Number Blocks clips below to learn more about doubling and then choose from the sheets below. Try and master doubling to 10 before moving onto doubling to 20. A great way to check that your child really understand doubling is to get them to ask you a doubling question. Good Luck and happy doubling!

Numberblocks - Double Trouble | Learn to Count

Numberblocks - Lucky Doubles!


Can you make a split pin mermaid?  Use the template below to help you.

Can you paint your own mermaid or merman?

Can you make a play dough mermaid or merman?

Do you understand what waterproof means? Have a go at the mermaid investigation below or try and invent your own waterproof scientific investigation!



Mermaid Song

Learn this lovely mermaid song

Jodi Benson - Part of Your World

Can you join in with this famous song? You may wish to dance around to it too!



¡Hola! I hope you have had a good week. This week I have a lovely song for you all about a Sailor that went to sea.


She discovers some exciting creatures in the ocean. Does she find a mermaid though? Some of these words will be familiar to you...


Un caballo de mar - seahorse

Una medusa - Jelly fish

Una tortuga - tortoise

Un pulpo - octopus

Un tiburón bebe - baby shark

Una ballena - whale



Nadando means swimming. 


Una sirena is a mermaid.


I hope you enjoy the song. Señora T XXX

Marinera Que Fue Al Mar... A sailor went to sea..