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Previous Home Learning for 29/6/20

Hello from your teachers xxxx

Good morning.

We hope that you are all keeping well and staying happy. Please keep sending in your emails, it is so lovely to hear from you all! Your photos make us smile as we see you working so hard! This is our second and final week on pirates so our focus story this week is Pirates Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. You may know some other books by this author too! We have given you some fun learning to do including a Scientific experiment this week involving coins!

We have started making our phone calls to you all and it has been so wonderful to hear all of your voices, have a chat with you and your children and hear all of your news.  We have also spoken to all of the children in bubbles at school as we have done video calls to the bubbles. If you have not had your phone call yet please do not worry, we are aiming to get them all done by the end of Term 6.

Lots of love Mrs Stembridge, Miss Nutt and Miss Silcox xxxx


Pirates Love Underpants by Claire Freedman

Reading and Writing

This week we are learning to write a letter to the captain in our story: Pirates Love Underpants. We are shown all sorts of weird and wonderful underpants in the story but we want to find out what the captain's favourite underpants look like. Write him a letter to ask him and perhaps you could tell him what your favourite underpants look like too. To send it to him, roll up your letter and put it inside a bottle! Remember to start sentences with a capital letter, use finger spaces between words and use full stops at the end of your sentence. Have fun!

Letters and Sounds

This week we are learning about the trigraph air. Watch these videos to help you spot and sound out words containing air. Below is a story which has lots of air words in. Either print out the story and colour in every word you can find which has air in. Alternatively, read the story with your grown up and each time you hear an air word, write it down. How many air words can you find?

Write Dance

This week we are learning to write the letter u for underpants. Can you draw your own underpants and write lots of u letters on them? Below are some examples. You could make underpants with stripes, spots, hearts or anything else you can think of! Remember to form the u letter just like they do in the video. On the back of your paper, write words that start with u or those that have an u in them e.g. hut, bun, cub.

Brain Gym

Have fun with this pirate themed Cosmic Yoga!


This week our Maths focus is money. Start off practically by finding some coins and looking at the sizes and shapes of them and notice the amount written on the front of each coin. You can also look for similarities and differences in colour, shape and size. You could even have a go at drawing around each coin and having a go at writing the amount. It would also be fun to play shops with your child. They could have a purse of pennies and buy something to eat! These role play situations really bring learning to life and help children to understand concepts more thoroughly.Watch the videos below supporting our money focus then have a look at the activities below and select appropriate ones for you. Have fun!

BBC Schools - Numbertime Money - Coin Recognition to 10p

BBC Schools Numbertime Money All Up To 20p


Look below for links to the following fun activities...

Can you make your own pirate ship out of junk modelling materials?

Can you make your own pirate hat? 

Can you make a pirate out of a toilet roll tube?

Can you try one of the Pirate science experiments? The fizzy coins one would tie in nicely with our work on money this week!


Port Side Pirates!

A fun pirate song for you to join in with

A Pirate Went To Sea

See if you can join in with this pirate song


Another fun song and dance for you to join in with.




I hope that you enjoyed last week's Animals of the Ocean song. Can you remember the words for the ocean creatures?...


El mar - the sea

Los peces - fish

El delfín - dolphin

Una estrella de mar - star fish

El cangrejo - crab

La ballena - whale


This week I have a lovely song all about jumping on board a pirate ship. Can you work out what the weather is doing each time?


En el mar Azul means the blue sea.



En El Mar Azul | Canciones Infantiles