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Previous Home Learning 18/5/20

Hello from your teachers

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Hello from Miss Silcox

Good morning everyone! We hope you are all well and safe and looking after each other. The three of us are in close contact and looking after each other too!


We would like to say a HUGE thank you for the amazing video sent into school. It was so lovely to see all of your smiling faces and to watch you all dancing and singing. It was an emotional moment watching it, and we can not thank you enough! It really did make our day! THANK YOU xxxxxxx


This week our focus story is The Three Little Pigs. We have uploaded some fun activities for you to do at home but remember to just do what you can depending on your own personal circumstances, no one is judging anyone! Your health and well being come first!


Have a great week  and stay safe

Lots of love Miss Nutt, Mrs Stembridge and Miss Silcox xxxx

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The Three Little Pigs

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Reading and Writing

The Three Little Pigs built their houses using straw, sticks and bricks. If you had to build a house for a little pig, what would it look like? Can you design your very own house for a pig? Be as imaginative as you can. It could be a tree house, an underground house, a tall tower; you can design anything! Once you have drawn your house, add labels and captions to it. What is it made out of? Are there any traps to catch the Big Bad Wolf? There are some examples below to give you some ideas.

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You might want to have a go at building a house for a pig out of lego, duplo, wooden bricks, sticks from the garden, or whatever you have at your house. Remember to make it safe for the pig and to make sure the big bad wolf can't blow your house down! There are further challenges on the sheet below.

Letters and Sounds

In phonics this week we are learning the or digraph. Watch this video and see if you can join in with sounding out all of the or words:

Can you  think of some words containing the or sound and draw a picture of them? Now try writing the word next to the picture. Remember to use your best joined up handwriting! Have a look at the photo below for some ideas.
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Write Dance

This week we are learning to write the letter w for wolf! The video below shows how the letter is formed:

Your challenge this week is to create some wonderful rainbow letters. All you need are some pens and paper. First you need to draw a big w letter and then use lots of different colours to write w letters over the top. Have a look at our photos below:
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Brain Gym

This week we hope you enjoy this Cosmic Yoga story of the Three Little Pigs.


This week we are learning how to tell the time.

Please watch the video below called What`s The Time Mr Wolf?

Talk to your child about the clocks in each picture and how the big hand at the top means it is something O`Clock. Have a look at any clocks or watches that you have around your house. 

Can you make your own clock? Make sure you write your numbers the right way around.

Can you play the playground game What`s The Time Mr Wolf? Ask your children to tell you the rules as we have played this in school!



What's the Time, Mr. Wolf?

Can you read the clock on each page?

In Maths this week we are also continuing our number work. Watch the Number blocks clip below and then see if you can draw the following houses...

A house with 1 door and 1 window

A house with 2 doors and 2 windows

A house with 3 doors and 3 windows.

Numberblocks - Three Little Pigs - Full Episode

Watch this clip and see if you can draw the houses with the correct number of windows.


-Can you turn your hairdryer into a big bad wolf and make it huff and puff?  

-Discuss the houses in the story and the materials they were made from. Why did the house of bricks not get blown down but the house of straw did? 

-Can you sing The Three Little Pigs Song below?

- Listen to the alternative version of The Three Little Pigs called The 3 little Wolves and The Big bad Pig (clip attached below)


Picture 1

Three Little Pigs | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Look out! Here comes the Big Bad Wolf! The three little pigs each hide in their houses made of hay, sticks, and brick, but will they be strong enough to stan...

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig


Below is the story of The Three Little Pigs in Spanish with me reading it to you. Enjoy -¡Disfruta!


Hasta Pronto - see you soon


Señora Taylor


Los Tres Cerditos with SeƱora T

Still image for this video