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Monday Morning Message

End of Term Focus: Outdoor Learning!

B e a u t i f u l  B i r d s 


heartGood morning everyone!heart

Buenos Dias!


We have all made it to the end of Term 3, and we are so proud of you for the commitment you have shown to your home learning this term. Just take a moment to see all the wonderful Year 6 learning in our gallery. The discipline and independent learning skills you have acquired over the past weeks will stand you in good stead for your transition to secondary school!


This week, we would like you to take some of your learning outdoors. Have you noticed that as the days are getting longer, things are stirring outdoors? Bulbs are starting to appear in our gardens, and birds are certainly making their presence known! In an effort to spend a little less time in front of the screens, we would like you to undertake a small project which involves time spent observing the natural world outside, either in your gardens or somewhere locally. There's so much to see!


Since writing this message, things have turned rather wintery! Hopefully, you will all wrap up and go outside to have some fun in the snow! If you create any interesting snowmen or take any beautiful photos of these wintery scenes, do send them to me! It will be lovely to see how you are spending your time outdoors! 


We have maintained a structure to the learning pages over the course of the week; however, the learning we have set will be linked to some aspect of the natural world with a big focus on BIRDS surprise

Choose any of the ideas we have proposed in the OUTDOOR LEARNING FOLDERS, and send us the piece of work you are most proud of  at the end of the week so that we can showcase your wonderful work. 

Mrs C



Here are some photos from my garden, before and after snow!

Nature Photographer of the Week

I challenge you all to take some photos of the natural world this week in the same way that I did in my back garden. Send me your best photo by Friday and we will choose some winners! Remember... just one photo per pupil, please.smiley

When you send your photo, include the following information:

  1. Where you took the photo.
  2. Why you like the photo.
  3. A sentence to describe the photo.

Send your photo FAO: Mrs Calzada

Nature Photo

Viking Projects

If you have completed your Viking project, you can either email it to me or keep it safe, ready to share in class when we return to school.

Author of the Week

Sally Gardner

We have a few of Sally Gardner's books on the Year 6 bookshelf. One of my favourite's is 'I Coriander'. If you want to find out more about this brilliant author, click on the link below. Did you know that Sally Gardner is dyslexic? She says, "I often find words become circus horses, leaping all over the page." Find out what inspired her to become an author!