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Monday 18th January

Word of the Day: flurry (noun)

definition: a short, swirling gust

like a burst of whirling snow that flies around your head

E.G. We witnessed a brief flurry of snow as we returned home.

Once again, don't forget to try to do the following challenges with the Word of the Day:

  • Write a sentence to include this word.
  • Try to include the word in a sentence, statement, question or command during the day.
  • Write a sentence that includes all five words at the end of the week.




This week, we will move to Level 3 spellings from the Sir Linkalot bundles: Anxious Austen. These spellings are a little more complex than last week's spellings, so make sure you spend at least 15 minutes each day learning them. Remember - if you already know how to spell a particular word, just move on to the next word. When you have covered all 20 spellings, be sure to test your understanding at the end of the bundle.


Why is this bundle called Anxious Austen? 

As you know, Sir Linkalot likes to choose famous authors to name his spelling bundles. Have you heard of Jane Austen? She was an English author who wrote many classic novels such as Pride and Prejudice. Click on the link below to find out more.

LITERATURE - Jane Austen


This term we will be looking at the Christian view of eternity, incarnation and the afterlife. This week I would to see your understanding of the word 'eternity'. Please email your work to me. 


Today, we are thinking about dividing decimals by a whole number (Lesson 8 in the textbook.)


I have included a link to the Power Maths Textbook so you can access the discover task and the share section. I have also allocated any teaching resources that you might need. The White Rose video explains the concepts to be able to do this maths. You do not have to print off the question PDF, you can just write down answers on a piece of paper if you like. If you need any more help please, email me:


We have reached the end of our Viking topic. I hope that you have enjoyed all the learning that has linked to this fascinating period of history. Today, I would like you to read about the end of the Viking and Anglo-Saxon era in Britain. This period is marked by a famous battle. I wonder if you know which battle that is.

The End of the Viking and Anglo-Saxon Era in Britain.


Please continue with last week's PE  plan as it is a two weekly plan. However, this week I would like you to keep an exercise log. You can include any activities or exercise that you do in the week. I would like you to continue with this log for three weeks. Do not send them in but keep them safe. At the end of the three weeks I will ask you to send in your KM and active minutes. We will then compare with other classes and see which class is the most active!!!! Good Luck - come on year 6!!!!