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Monday 11th January

Word of the Day: livid (adjective)

synonyms: raging or furious

How you feel when you lose a video game!

Word pairs: livid glare, livid response

Sentence: Mrs Calzada was livid when she saw that children were forgetting capital letters for proper nouns.wink


This week, I challenge you to do the following tasks:

  • attempt to use the word of day at least three times during the course of your day.
  • write a sentence that includes the word of the day.
  • at the end of the week, try to write a sentence that includes all five words for that week. It could be a crazy sentence!




I hope that you all enjoyed working your way through Weird Wordsworth from Sir Linkalot. This week, I would like you to learn all the spellings from the next level 2 bundle: Orange Orwell. You may already know how to spell some of these words so just focus on the ones you're not sure about and then complete the two challenges at the end to test yourself.

Who was Orwell

George Orwell was an English writer who wrote the classic 'Animal Farm' - a novel about a group of animals who take over the farm they are living on. This novel is an allegory - even though it is set on a farm and stars a cast of farm animals, it reflects the events of the Russian revolution of 1917. It is a fantastic read!

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Nessy Spelling

I hope those of you who are working through the Nessy programme are finding it useful. We will be checking on your progress next week.


Thank you to all those who have sent in last week's Looking back Looking forward sheets, I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. If you have not completed this work yet and have time then please do so and send it to me this week as I think you'll find it quite interesting. 

Having looked at how last year impacted our lives last week, this week I'd like you to consider how this Lockdown may impact the lives of others. I look forward to reading your views.



Today, we are thinking about fractions as decimals (Lesson 4 in the textbook.)


I have included a link to the Power Maths Textbook so you can access the discovery task and the share section. I have also allocated any teaching resources that you might need. The White Rose video explains the concepts to be able to do this maths. You do not have to print off the question PDF, you can just write down answers on a piece of paper if you like. If you need any more help please, email me:



I would like you to read about King Alfred, and to find out why he was dubbed King Alfred the Great. Read through the pages of the powerpoint, and then tell someone why King Alfred was considered by some to be 'great'.


PE will run on a 2 week program. Please email me any photographs of yourself doing either activity for our gallery. Enjoy!