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Maths Learning Zone

How you can help your child with Maths over the Summer holiday

-Watch Numberblocks and Numberjacks videos - they are brilliant!

-Play games on the websites suggested at the bottom of this page

-Count forwards and backwards starting from any number to 20.

-Ask your child what number comes before and after any number to 20

-Ask your child to tell you a partner number to 10 eg you say 6 can they say 4?

-Ask your child to sort objects in your house and explain how they have sorted them.

-Ask your child to work out an addition or subtraction sum but then get them to explain to you how they found the answer rather than just saying "I know it."

-Ask your child to double and halve things. This works well with food. They can all share fairly when goodies are involved!

-Discuss odd and even numbers and how you know.

-Ask your child to fill in a tens frame with a number of your choice. Can they do it in a variety of ways?

-Ask your child to show you how to show numbers in different ways (watch Jack Hartman video below for ideas)

-Model counting in 2s and 10s with your child.

-Sing counting songs such as 10 green bottles and 5 little ducks.





Early Number Sense

I Can Show Numbers In So Many Ways | Math Song for Kids | How to Represent Numbers | Jack Hartmann

Discover the different ways numbers can be represented in this number representation song. We say the number and show examples of different ways numbers can ...

Learning Zone Maths

10 Little Numbers

This song helps children to recognise numerals 1-10

Shapes Song 2

This lovely video helps children to know the names of shapes.