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Accurate Counting warm up activity

Drop 7 marbles slowly into a tin, one at time. Ask: How many marbles do you think are in the tin? How do you know? Can you check by counting the marbles out of the tin? Next, count out the marbles in front of children. You could give one marble each to a child so they can see that there are 7 altogether.Put the marbles back into the tin, counting them in carefully together. Now take them out, one at a time, starting with 7, and counting backwards from 7 down to 0. Say: There are none left in the tin. Adapt the game by dropping different amounts of marbles into the tin (up to and including 8) and
then counting them back out.


Gingerbread man addition

Do the first sheet and explain that they have to find out how many there are altogether. Make sure they try to write the numerals correctly without reversing them.