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Watch the video below as a warm up to today`s Maths lesson. The children will be familiar with most of the ways to represent a number as we have covered these in class. Today`s learning is all about a tens frame so you could pause the tens frame on the video to remind them.

I Can Show Numbers In So Many Ways

 This week we are going to be using a tens frame to fully understand the concept of representing a number. We are asking you to find a group of objects around your house and lay them down in front of your child. Ask them to count the objects accurately (by touching each object or moving each object. Then ask them to fill in the tens frame by drawing the correct amount of spots. 

I have used bananas so the first picture shows 6 bananas. The second picture shows my tens frame showing 6 (representing the bananas) You can use whatever objects you have at home to practice this activity.


There is a blank tens frame for you to print below but if you do not have a printer you can easily draw out a tens frame.


Tens frame game

Have a go at this interactive game. You state a number and your child has to move the right amount of counters onto the tens frame.