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This week, we will be starting to look at time. We will first think about converting between different units of measure - for example, seconds to minutes, days to weeks etc. We will then think about the 24 hour clock for the first time, converting between analog and digital times - am and pm, and 24 hour clocks.


The choice is yours, depending on what is more appropriate for you and your household. You could either complete your tasks electronically on MyMaths (scroll down) or with the resources and activities below.


 This week's activities:

  • Activity 1 (12-Hour and 24-Hour Clocks)  - Target Your Maths - page 104 & 105, Section A, B or C.
  • Activity 2 (Time Problems 1 OR 2)  - Target Your Maths - page 108, Section A, B or C.

ALTERNATIVELY, this week's MyMaths activities:


- Time and timetables (Lesson first, then homework)

- Time 2 (Lesson first, then homework)

- Time calculations (Lesson first, then homework)

How to log on to MyMaths

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