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We have almost come to the end of our Maths learning for this year. However, we have one final short topic to cover: Geometry. We will recap different types of angles from Year 3, before moving on to comparing and ordering angles. We will look at different types of triangle and quadrilateral and what makes shapes irregular. Finally, we will recap symmetry and look at rotational symmetry with shapes.


All of our Geometry learning for the next two weeks will be set on mymaths as this is the best resource to develop your understanding in this area. There are 10 tasks to be completed but please ensure you space these out and do not complete them all in one go. In Red Bubble, we will complete 1 task per day only. You should also ensure that you complete the lesson first then the homework so you can get the best score possible. I know 10 tasks sounds like a lot, but a few are recaps from Year 3 which should be a little easier.


These tasks will be available on mymaths from now until the 20th August. 

Please contact me for your mymaths details if you have misplaced them.


The tasks should be completed in the following order:


  1. Translating
  2. Angles 1
  3. Angles 2
  4. Angles 3
  5. Angles 4
  6. Properties of triangles
  7. Lines and quadrilaterals
  8. Rectangles and irregular polygons
  9. Lines of symmetry
  10. Rotation symmetry



Extension Activities


Please continue to use TTRockstars and Numbots to develop your understanding and rapid recall of the 4 operations.


You could also do some ARTY MATHS by making symmetrical and Rangoli style patterns.