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  This week we are going to learn about 3D shapes. We will be recognising 3D shapes as well as describing them using their properties, including their faces, edges and vertices.

  Have a look at the video, PowerPoints and word mats below to help you complete the activities below.

3D Shapes for Kids - Vertices, Faces and Surfaces Explained

Help your child learn all there is to know about 3D shapes with our fun video! By showing examples of real-life 3D objects your child will quickly learn to a...

Activity 1:

  Have a look at MyMaths and complete the activity called ‘3D shapes’. In this activity you will be describing the different properties of 3D shapes.

Activity 2: Have a look at pages 110 -111 of your ‘Target Your Maths’ book. Try A, B or C and remember to check your answers below.

Activity 3: Have a try of the sheet below about recognising and describing 3D shapes. Remember to check your answers and use the video and PowerPoint above to help you.

Extension 1:  Find as many 3D shapes as you can in your house – you can use the sheet below to record how many you can find.

 Or use playdough, clay, pipe cleaners or anything else you have around to make some 3D shapes

Extension 2:  Have a look at the challenge below. There are different maths challenges that you can explore which will help you to solve a mystery as well as keep your maths skills sharp!

 This challenge involves fractions, 3D shapes and angles.