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  This week we are going to learn about 2D shapes. WE will be drawing some shapes as well as identifying and describing some. Have a look at the PowerPoints and websites below to learn more about 2D shapes before you tackle the activities and extensions.

  Activity 1:

  Have a look on the MyMaths website. I have set you an activity called ‘2D and 3D shapes.’ Have a try at the activities.

  Activity 2: 

  Have a try of A, B or C on page 105 of your ‘Target your maths’ book. Try drawing the shapes, being careful you are drawing the lines to the correct length. If you have one, use a ruler to help you. If you don’t have a ruler still have a try at drawing the shapes but don’t worry too much about the length of the sides. 

  The answers are below. There are no answers for section A as the only way of checking them is to look at the shapes you have drawn.

  Activity 3:

  Have a try of A, B or C on pages 108-109 in your ‘Target your maths’ book. A tip to help you with section B is to draw the shape that is described in order to help you figure out what the shapes being described are.

  The answers are below. Remember to check your answers and look back at the questions to check.

Extension 1: Mr Adkins has set up a TTRockstars battle against Ospringe school for this week. You can earn points for our class and school on any game you play between 2pm and 8pm any day this week. Spend some time on here improving your times tables skills and helping our school win!

Extension 2: Have a look around your house. Can you find any 2D shapes? Are they regular or irregular? How do you know?

  I have also found some games about 2D shapes for you to play. Have a go at these and see how much you know about 2D shapes.