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This week, we are going to finish our money topic by solving money calculations using all four operations. We will start by adding and subtracting amounts, before moving on to multiplying and dividing. To finish the week, we will try to unpick word problems thinking about what the question is asking us to do and which operation would find our answer (+ - x or ÷).


All activities this week come from the Target Your Maths textbook.


Activity 1 - page 99, section A, B or C (Adding and subtracting amounts)


Activity 2 - page 100, section A, B or C (Mulitplying with money)


Activity 3 - page 101, section A, B or C (Dividing amounts)

Activity 4 - page 102, section A, B or C (Money problems)

Extension Activity


I have set a few tasks on MyMaths for you to complete if you have time spare.