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We are moving on to our new topic: MONEY! I bet you know all about this topic!!! Apart from the fact that money DOES NOT grow on trees! We will learn to express money as pounds and pence in decimal form, for example 2 pounds and 48 pence is expressed as £2.48! Then, we will think about how to order amounts of money to find out which amounts are the least and most (I'm sure many of you can already tell me whether you would rather receive a £5 or £10 treat!). Finally, we will look at rounding (ahhh!). We will round amounts to the nearest pound to estimate totals - this is really important to do when you are walking around the shops to avoid spending too much money!


Unfortunately, there are no relevant Target Your Maths or MyMaths lessons this week to save having to print - I do apologise. However, I have uploaded activities from Power Maths - you are all super familiar with this because this is what we use in school! This week, you should look at the Discover page as we would usually in school and think about how you could answer the questions - then move over to Share for an explanation of their method. The activities are all there for you and look exactly like they do at school.

UK Coins Explained for Kids - Maths Money Learning Video

UK Notes Explained for Kids - Maths Money Learning Video


Extension Activities


Try out these activities to refresh your understanding of the four operations and test your mental maths skills.


Mental Maths Year 4 

Challenge PIN: 03198702

Challenge expires Sunday 14th June.