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This week, we are moving on to data handling. This statistics topic is very short and will only last for the duration this week. We will recap how to interpret data from tables, charts and pictograms, before we introduce line graphs and two-way tables. If at all possible, I would strongly recommend that you use MyMaths this week as it is the most relevant to our learning and takes you through step-by-step. There is one activity to complete each day (Monday - Friday) and these are only short activities. If you cannot complete all of the activities this week, please don’t worry.


Activity 1 - Interpreting data

Activity 2 - Frequency Tables and Bar Charts

Activity 3 - Pictograms and Bar Charts

Activity 4 - Line Graphs

Activity 5 - Line Graphs and Two-Way Tables



If you are unable to complete your work on MyMaths this week, then try these tasks from the Target Your Maths textbook.


Activity 1: Presenting Data in Bar Charts -page 124, Section A, B or C

Activity 2: Interpreting Data in Bar Charts - page 128, Section A, B or C

Activity 3: Pictograms - page 126, Section A, B or C

Activity 4: Using Tables - page 136, Section A, B or C

Activity 5: Line Graphs - page 135, Section C




Check out the challenges on BBC Bitesize. Some of these are a little tricky so perhaps jot down your working out on a piece of paper.