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This week, we are going to finish off our learning about decimals (though we will revisit it in our money topic!) We will build upon our learning about comparing decimals last week, and this week, think about how to order decimals. We will also think back to rounding from earlier in the year, and think about rounding to the nearest WHOLE number, and to the nearest tenth (what we call, to one decimal place). Then, we will practise recalling the decimal equivalents for our most common fractions, halves and quarters. If you are finding this topic a little tricky, please do not worry. It is a tough one, and we will recap learning when we return to school, or through next year's Maths.

Activity 2: Ordering decimals - Target Your Maths, page 80, section B or C


Activity 3: Rounding decimals - Target Your Maths, page 79, section B or C



Additional activities


There are some great activities set on MyMaths this week to support you with your learning so please try these if you wish to complete EXTRA work.


Please note that these are ADDITIONAL and the textbook activities above are more relevant to your current learning.