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Today we would like you to make number cards 1-5 or 1-10 or even 1-20 (make sure that your numbers are round the right way) Then place a cuddly toy on one of the numbers. Can your child tell you which number is hiding under the toy and explain how they know?  Have a look at the 3 pictures below of my toy goat and my numbers to give you an idea. 
If you would like a challenge do the activity below...

Do the same game as above but ask your child to tell you 3 different ways how they know which number is hiding and then prove it. For example in the picture with the goat on number 6 your child could say any of the following things...

1) I know it is 6 because it is one more than 5

2)I know it is 6 because it is one less than 7

3)I know that it is 6 because number 6 is between 5 and 7

They could then prove it by showing you that 6 is one more than 5 by collecting 5 objects and then getting one more object and explaining " one more than 5 is 6 because I had 5 and then I got one more and so now I have 6"


Being able to explain their answer in a variety of ways is a sign of a great mathematician and by proving it to you in their own way shows that they fully understand the concept at a deeper level. In class we are always asking the children to "prove it"