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We are all so good at counting that this week we are really going to focus on a deeper understanding of numbers.

It is really important your child fully understand EVERYTHING about a number. This will help them to problem solve as they progress through the school. If you ask your child what do you know about number 5? What would they reply? Would your child be able to count 5 objects and recognise the numeral 5? This is a great start and our next step is to strive to ensure that your child knows many other facts too and can prove how they know them e.g.

“5 is one more than 4 and one less than 6”    “3 and 2 together make 5, so does 4 and 1 and 5 and 0”

“3 and 2 is the same as 2 and 3”              “If I had 6 cakes and I ate one of them I would then have 5”

“2 groups of 5 is 10”                            “I can`t share 5 sweets between 2 people”

“5 minutes is enough time for me to..."        “My friend`s house has a number 5 in it”

“My granny is 65”                                “I have 5 fingers and 5 toes”

“Number 5 is written like this FIVE”            "There are more than 5 segments in my satsuma”

“If I take 5 big footsteps I get to the door.”  “If I had 7 sweets and ate 2 I would have 5”

When your child makes these connections and fully understand EVERYTHING about a number they are able to confidently problem solve independently which will hold them in great stead as they progress through the school. Our ideal is that if you ask your child what they know about a number, they can tell you most of the above themselves by showing you in a practical way.

We hope you enjoy this week`s Math`s tasks and remember to encourage your child to always explain HOW they got their answer. Have a great week!


Watch the video below and then go on a number 6 hunt. Then ask your child what they can tell you about number 6. Can they say what is one more and one less? Can they make connections e.g. if I had 7 apples and ate 1, I would have 6 left.  Model these connections to them in a practical way to help them understand EVERYTHING about 6. Read my message at the top of this page for ideas. Have fun learning more about 6.

ACTIVITY - Can you make 6 by collecting 3 oranges and 3 apples or 4 cars and 2 animals? Explore a variety of ways to make 6.

If you would like a challenge try the activity below

Do the sheet below and then make up and draw your own number bonds to 6 problems and explain them to a grown up. The main part of this challenge is being able to think up your own idea. If you wish to extend this further you could say to your child 2+4=6 and 2+3=6. Which of these is true and how do you know? Can you prove it to me somehow? In school we would be encouraging your child to say "2+4=6 but 2+3=5. I know this because 3 is one less than 4 so I know that the answer to 2+3 is 5 because 5 is one less than 6. I can prove this to you with my Lego" They can then show you with Lego bricks how they prove that 2+4=6.