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NUMBER This week we are representing numbers to 50 so below are 3 worksheets for you to try at home. Remember if you do not have a printer don't worry,  you can draw out the part part whole yourself and work out the answers. You can also use a number line or make your own number line to 50 to help you to write the numbers the correct way round!


TIME We are also focussing on telling the time. This includes learning the days of the week and the months of the year as well as reading a clock. Do you know the order the months go in? Can you answer questions such as which month comes before March? You could make a family birthday chart showing whose birthdays fall in which months. The My Maths work that I have set supports this learning on time. It also incorporates telling the time. It has work on half past and o`clock. It is really good and there are lessons to watch before doing the My Maths work if you aren't sure what to do. I have texted you all your own personal logins so good luck and have fun whilst learning. I have also added a link below to a fun telling the time game that you can select the appropriate level for your own ability. There are loads of other time games on the Top Marks site which is listed in our learning zone.