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Today we are going to practice our counting skills. Have a look at the document below - there are 3 sheets so please choose the one that best suits your child`s ability (1-5,

1-10 or 1-20) If you do not have a printer, or do not want to print out you can write the numbers on a piece of paper. Please ask your child to think carefully about writing their numbers the right way round and if they do any reversals ask them to see if they can spot them. Reversals are really common at this age, but we don`t them to become a habit so we always ask the child to spot them when we are in school. Good luck!

If you would like a challenge have a go at the activity below

Click on menu and then select which chart you would like to do. Then select a mode, a colour, and a puzzle and then press new. You can start easy and then work your way up to the bigger numbers once you get the hang of the game. Ask your child to explain how they know the answer. Encourage them to say more than "I just know it." A good mathematician can really explain their thinking in depth.