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Today we are going to learn all about ordinal numbers (first, second, third etc)

Please watch the video below that explains 1st, 2nd, 3rd expertly then have a go at our fun and practical activity listed below the video.


Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal Numbers

Activity - Line up ten toys and ask your child to pick up the third toy. Then ask them to put it back and then pick up the 7th toy etc. They can count the toys to get to the right number but the idea is that they understand number 7 is the 7th. There is a fun song below to help reinforce this concept so enjoy joining in.

Ordinal Numbers Song

Can you join in with this fun song all about ordinal numbers

If you would like a challenge do the activity below.

If your child knows ordinal numbers to 10 do the same activity but up to 20. Can they recognise what ordinal numbers look like written down? (eg 4th, 17th etc)

Have fun!