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Today we are going to be learning about position words  such as over, under, opposite etc. 


Find a toy with your child and then tell them you are going to hide it somewhere in the room. Ask them to close their eyes and hide the toy. Use some of the colourful words below to describe where the toy is e.g. "It is behind the chair, next to the table" or "it is in front of the plant, under the rug."


next to   under    between    in front of    behind    opposite   on top of


Now let your child hide the toy and give you clues using position words. The idea is that they fully understand what all of the above words mean and can use them in a game.

If you would like a challenge try the activity below

If you are not going outside today, you can always do a map inside your house instead. Ask your child to read the map back to you and encourage them to use as many position words as possible.