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Numberblocks - Super Strong Number 9

Today we are going to reinforce our counting and representation of 9 so firstly watch the number blocks video. Secondly look at the picture below and discuss which does not show 9. Then ask them to show you as many ways that they can to make 9 that are different to the picture. You can be as creative as you like with this. You could fill in a tens frame in a variety of ways, you could collect 9 items or you could show 9 on a domino. You could even be really clever and collect 9 pieces of fruit (even if you have 6 apples and 3 bananas - it is still 9) 

If you would like a challenge try the activity below.

How many different ways can you show 9 on a tens frame. You may wish to draw your own tens frames or ask a grown up to help you as you will need quite a few. You also have the option to print some off from the link above. Good luck!