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Today we are going to continue our counting practice. There are three sheets to choose from below so please select the sheet that best suits your child and encourage them to write the numerals correctly. The first document below is a 1-10 and a 1-20 counting activity. The second document is a 1-10 bear matching activity which is great for children who are not yet at the stage of writing their own numbers. Everyone learns at different rates and the task is about the counting so have fun! At the bottom there is an additional fun interactive counting game to play if you wish. 

If you would like a challenge try the activity below

Today`s challenge is to use a tens frame to work out number bonds to 10. Number bonds are the two numbers that make 10 when added together eg 8 and 2, 5 and 5 etc)

Ask your child to work out the answers by using a tens frame. Please ensure they write their numbers correctly and see of they can spot any reversals they have done. Once again can they explain their answers to you in detail?