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Letters and Sounds

This week please try and focus on tricky words on the list below. Select the appropriate list for you and if possible you can do the whole page. If you can read them all, can you spell them all? This will really help your writing too!


We are also reading real and alien words. Below are some alien words for you to have a go at reading. Remember to sound talk the word first so that you don't make silly mistakes. These are quite tricky! You could always make a list of your own alien words using different sounds to bring into school when we return.


Read for 15 minutes a day. Tell someone in your house about the book you have read. This could be a picture book that you know well or it could be a new book that you try to read independently to yourself. You could also listen to a free audio story or look at a story online.


Handwriting/Spellings The spellings for this week are  what    don't     old      I`m     by    time   Every morning have a go at writing them out 3 times in your neatest handwriting, then on Friday see if you can spell them correctly.



Watch the YouTube story below One Snowy Night. Can you retell this story to a grown up and then write me a retell of this story? Don't forget your capital letters and your full stops and do your best handwriting ever! Make sure that once you have finished you can read back your work to make sure that it makes sense.


Keep writing in your diary. I can not wait to see these when we go back to school. Please add drawings too.