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This week`s learning 30/3

Monday 30th March 2020 

Good morning Orange Class. Our transport topic comes to an end this week and we will finish it off by learning all about rockets! We have a new story to watch called 'Whatever Next' and lots more fun activities listed below. As we said last week, please don't worry if you can't complete them all, they are just suggestions.


If you take a look in the news section on our class page you will see a link to making a rainbow for your window. Children have been making beautiful rainbow pictures and placing them in their window facing the street. This is a nice way to say hello and a sign of hope. Maybe this is something you could do during the Easter break. Our children were signing Bob Marley's Three Little Birds on the last week, led by Mrs Fulton, so to make the rainbows bespoke to Ethelbert Road you could add three little birds. We can then remember the message ……  don't worry about a thing. Cause every little thing gonna be alright. 

Love from Miss Nutt and Mrs Stembridge

Reading and Writing

Watch the video and see if you can follow along with the text. Once you know the story, can you retell the story by just looking at the pictures and text if the video is on mute?

Invent your own magical rocket by drawing a picture and labelling it.

Write Dance

This week we are learning to form the letter 'r'. Watch this video to see how the letter is formed. Can you use your finger to draw the letter in the air and on the floor? Ask a grown up to draw the letter 'r' on a piece of paper and then you can draw 'r' letters in lots of different colours all around it.


In Maths this week we are learning to count on from a given number to get to a total. Below is a link to NUMBERJACKS which demonstrates counting on. After watching the clip, have a go at doing some counting on skills practically. You can write them down if you want to.

EG  5+1 =6 and then explain that to find the answer to 5 plus 1 you start on 5 and count on 1 and get the answer 6.


NUMBERJACKS | Carry On Counting | S2E8

People need to carry on counting, not start again - 6 sorts out the Problem Blob. Numberjacks: 0, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Agents: 12, 108, 81 FUN FACT! WHAT is Numb...

We are also learning about weighing and below is a game to understand weight. If you have scales at home, experiment with your child to understand that some things are heavier and some things are lighter.


  • Find objects around your house to make your own rocket.
  • Make rockets out of lego, duplo or wooden bricks.
  • Paint /draw a picture of a rocket.





In Spanish a rocket is un cohete. Can you count to ten in Spanish with the rockets that you have made?

1-10 with Rockets - Spanish

Count to ten in Spanish